Alauda Mk3 race eVTOLs fly side-by-side for the first time

Alauda Aeronautics engineers have successfully flown two Alauda Mk3 race eVTOL side-by-side for the first time ahead of the first of Airspeeder’s remotely-flown EXA Series races.

It was announced back in June that the Airspeeder series completed the first unmanned flights of its electric Alauda Mk3 at undisclosed test locations in the deserts of South Australia under the observation of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

And now the goal of three remotely piloted races in 2021 has taken another step closer to reality with the first flights of two Alauda Mk3 race eVTOL machines successfully completed in similar locations near Adelaide.

“Racing provides the place and space for long-promised electric flying cars to develop,” commented Matt Pearson, Founder, Airspeeder. “Key to this is creating systems and technologies that ensure they can fly in close-proximity safely.

“These landmark first dual-racecraft flights don’t just showcase how incredible our upcoming races will look but they lay the foundation for the introduction of flying cars to cities everywhere.”

The successful execution of these flights means that uncrewed electric flying car Grands Prix will take place in 2021 at three soon-to-be-revealed international locations, with the forthcoming crewed series planned to race around the world in 2022.

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