Airspeeder reveals exclusive first-person view of eVTOL Alauda Mk3 flight

With excitement already at fever pitch ahead of the launch of the ‘world’s first racing series for electric flying cars’, Airspeeder has released the first onboard images in first-person view.

Two months ago, Airspeeder took to the skies with the first full scale unmanned flights of its electric Alauda Mk3 in the skies of South Australia.

Now, fans will get an even clearer insight of just what it will be like for the pilots of the craft when the first manned series gets underway – currently planned for 2022.

“Nothing drives innovation like racing. The world is ready for advanced air mobility and we are proud to make history by introducing the world’s first racing series for flying electric cars,” commented Matthew Pearson, Founder, Airspeeder and Alauda Aeronautics. “Airspeeder and EXA represent the future of motorsport and a compelling and exhilarating showcase of the potential of electric flying cars as this generation’s defining mobility revolution.”

These historic first flights have taken place at undisclosed test locations in the deserts of South Australia under the observation of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Throughout the development process, the Alauda team has worked with the regulator to ensure compliance to all required procedures while developing robust safety protocols.

The successful execution of these flights means that uncrewed electric flying car Grand Prixs will take place in 2021 at three soon-to-be-revealed international locations.

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