Keeping #CyberFit during uncertain times

As businesses across the globe face up to uncertain futures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, one company doing its bit to protect its partners from the threat of cyber attacks is Acronis.

Keeping important workloads safe, secure and protected during a time when businesses are particularly vulnerable is more important than ever, certainly with increasing numbers of staff now working remotely.

“Being #CyberFit really means being protected, end to end,” says Ray Chan, Director of Benefits and Risk Management at San Diego Padres. “Being able to have a technology solution that you can provide to all levels of staff, all baseball personnel that basically is reliable, that’s basically protected from anything that’s malicious out there, ransomware, and then being able to make that data that we are protecting accessible to everybody here in the organization.”

And it’s not only the threat of malware that Acronis helps out with. The availability performance of operating systems to organizations such as Roush Fenway Racing, NIO 333 FE Team, ROKiT Williams Racing, BMW Racing Point and San Diego Padres, to name but a few.

“For me, it means more than just malware,” adds Graeme Hackland, CIO of ROKiT Williams Racing. “I worry that sometimes CIOs focus too much just on the malware piece. There’s availability, there’s the performance of systems that are just as important when it comes to cyber protection.”

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