Acronis and Renault e.dams Formula E team announce partnership

Acronis and Renault Sport Racing announced an innovative technology partnership in Paris this week. Acronis will provide cloud storage, backup, and active ransomware protection for the Renault Sport Racing IT infrastructure.

Alain Prost, four-time F1 world champion and co-owner of Renault e.dams Formula E Team, welcomed Acronis partnership: “We are happy to have Acronis as a partner, as they share our values and passion for innovation. Every team needs data to improve performance and technology. Acronis makes sure every bit of our data is protected and accessible to us when we need it.”

Acronis will do what it does best: provide data protection and storage — local and cloud. Renault Sport Racing will use Acronis Storage, our innovative software-defined storage (SDS) solution, to achieve scalability and streamline the management of rapidly growing amounts of data. And there is a lot to store and protect: High definition video feeds, race simulation models, designs, wind tunnel tests, and telemetry data must be stored, protected and shared among multiple teams to ensure performance improvements, as well as compliance with FIA regulations regarding the access to historical data.

Acronis logo will be on the car next season. They won three times — we expect more!

“Automotive is an innovative industry. Connected devices, self-driving cars rely on data availability. All this data needs to be protected. Acronis brings artificial intelligence and machine learning to make our data protection and storage technology even more competitive. Winning is not just about winning, it’s also about cost-effectiveness and efficiency, and Acronis will deliver.” said CEO of Acronis Serguei Beloussov.

Top Image: Alain Prost, four-time F1 world champion and co-owner of Renault e.dams Formula E Team (first left), John Zanni, Acronis President (third left) at the Renault e.dams event in Paris on 26 September 2017. © Renault e.dams.

Guennadi Moukine

Motorsport Technology Editor.