How Acronis is helping Williams away from the circuit during uncertain times

During uncertain times in any walk of life or business, it certainly helps to have the very best support available to provide the assistance and back-up to get through the toughest of situations.

Providing just that kind of support during the hiatus of the 2020 Formula season is ROKiT Williams Racing technical partner Acronis, helping to provide the protection the Formula One team requires during this unprecedented time of crisis.

“Williams as a Formula One team are used to working remotely. More than 60% of our staff work regularly away from our site but it’s a really unusual situation with the coronavirus pandemic,” commented Graeme Hackland, Chief Information Officer for ROKiT Williams Racing. “When we travel to the tracks all around the globe, we take infrastructure with us, which we set up and we’ve got some really good partners who help us to make sure that it’s 100% available for the five days we are in the country.

“Then we pack it up and move in to the next place , but we’ve also worked over the last five years in making sure that our staff can work from anywhere, not just back here at base and not just when they’re at the track.”

Acronis has been a key technical partner of Williams Racing since the start of the 2018 season, helping to provide Cyber Protection, data storage and backup solutions both at the circuit and back at the team’s factory in Grove, Oxfordshire. And, as Hackland underlines, the benefits of such a collaboration has certainly been appreciated during this particular period of adversity.

“Williams really rely on our technical partners to help us with a lot of the technology we’ve put in place over the past few years, especially around data, data management around mobility, collaboration tools that we’ve put in place and so it’s been really important to work with them as the coronavirus has taken hold globally,” adds Hackland.

“Acronis have really helped us with how we manage our data, protect our data, so no matter where its being generated, we can still apply the same protection to it. ROKiT Williams Racing are used to adversity, we’re used to battling. This coronavirus and dealing with it is no different, our people are our main asset, they’re working extremely hard, long hours. We continue to fight.”

George Russell prepares for action during pre-season testing in Barcelona, Spain.

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