Ferrari reshuffle technical department after poor start to 2020

The famous Ferrari Formula One team has announced a restructuring of its technical department after enduring a difficult start to the 2020 season.

Ferrari currently stands only fifth in the constructors’ standings with a solitary podium after the opening three races. Even at this early stage, it is obviously apparent that the Scuderia is already lagging behind Racing Point and Red Bull in terms of performance, leading to the action being taken.

“We have to work out why and change this state of affairs, which is just not good enough for a team by the name of Ferrari,” said team boss Mattia Binotto after the Styrian Grand Prix.

In the latest reshuffle, Head of Aerodynamics Enrico Cardile will head up a new ‘Performance Development department’ with the other big news seeing Rory Byrne return to a more prominent role.

“As hinted at a few days ago, we are making changes to the technical side of the organisation so as to speed up the design and development on the car performance front,” added Binotto after a team statement on Wednesday.

Byrne, who was chief designer during Ferrari’s dominant period with Ross Brawn, Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher in the 2000s, will once again play a key role in the development of the car going forwards.

“A change of direction was needed to define clear lines of responsibility and working processes, while reaffirming the company’s faith in its technical talent pool. The department run by Enrico Cardile will be able to count on the experience of Rory Byrne and established engineers such as David Sanchez. It will be the cornerstone of the car’s development.

“We have said it several times, but it’s worth repeating: we have started to lay the foundations of a process which should lead to a new and enduring winning cycle. It will take some time and we will suffer setbacks like the one we are experiencing right now in terms of results and performance.

“However, we must react to these shortcomings with strength and determination to get back to being at the very top of this sport as soon as possible. This is what we all want and what our fans all over the world expect of us.”

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