NIO 333 FE Team looking to continue ‘upwards trajectory’

The NIO 333 FE Team, partnered by Acronis, has enjoyed something of a resurgence in 2021, key restructuring changes in staff and hardware resulting in points in five out of seven rounds so far.

For team boss Christian Silk, however, this is just the start of things to come and there is still a long way to go as the team looks to climb the ladder above rival teams in the standings.

“Generally, we are pleased with the results from the first half of the season. It is clear that we have taken a good step forward from previous years,” said Silk. “However, you could say that the hard work is just beginning as we now need to maintain that forwards momentum.

“We were not as competitive in Monaco as we had hoped, and we have completed a lot of analysis since then and we understand the issues we encountered. We now need to take that learning and prove that we are still on an upwards trajectory in Mexico.”

As well as the obvious goal of improving performance on track, the team is a proud advocate of environmental change. And to that end it is working toward gaining its Three Stars FIA Environmental Accreditation Award this season.

“This is something that is particularly close to my heart, and I am very proud of,” adds Silk. “However, as a collective team, we all consider it critical for the sake of the planet that we put time and resource into the FIA Accreditation program.

“Motorsport has always been a science-led sport, and at home both my wife and daughter are scientists, hence I am fortunate to be exposed to and understand well the science of climate change. I say fortunate, but sometimes it is quite scary to see what we are doing to the planet, however we must all be brave, listen to the scientists and do all we can to protect our planet. For these reasons the NIO 333 Formula E Team is working closely with the FIA to reduce our carbon footprint and support biodiversity.”

The team continues its organisational restructuring with a move to new team facilities in Silverstone, meaning the logistical headaches of split locations will be solved. But the immediate goal is to maintain the consistency on track, starting at the stunning new Puebla circuit in Mexico.

“Mexico has always been a happy place for the NIO 333 FE Team, and we have had some great results there. This year we are facing a fresh challenge as we are going to the Puebla circuit for the first time.

“Fortunately, we do have some team members who have raced at Puebla with other formula, so we do have some inside information. But there was still a lot of homework to do so we have been working hard at our simulators preparing for the race, and the engineers and drivers have made some more steps in terms of car performance, so we can feel confident going into this race for another strong weekend.”

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